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Spinning Cotton on the Charka, the Tahkli and Ahka Spindle

Of all the fibers we spin, it is cotton that clothes the world.  Many ancient tools have been used to spin this timeless fiber, and in this class we will work with a couple of them.  Learn all about cotton, and how to spin it using a charka, a tahkli spindle and an ahka spindle.  NO prior spinning experience is needed!

Things to bring:  notebook and pen or pencil.  IF you have any of the following tools, please bring them:   charka (any type), tahkli spindle, ahka spindle, cotton hand cards

COST - $40.00 plus a supply fee of $5.00 for spinning fibers

This is a 3/4 day class

Class Syllabus

I.                Properties of Cotton

II.              Cotton Preparations
                    a.     Boll
                    b.     Seed Cotton
                    c.     Ginned/Lint Cotton
                    d.     Rovings:  Slyver and Combed Top
                    e.     Punis Carding punis

III.            Spinning Cotton
                    a.     Charka
                    b.     JOINS
                    c.     Tahkli spindle
                    d.     Ahka spindle

IV.            Finishing
                    a.     Skeining
                    b.     Plying Singles vs. Plied
                    c.     Setting twist

V.              Dyeing Cotton