Fiber Shop  ~ Working Farm

Some of our Classes...

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  1. Spinning I - Beginner
  2. Spinning II - Intermediate
  3. Spinning III - Advanced - Novelty and Designer Yarns
  4. SILK - Spinning Techniques and Dyeing
  5. COTTON AND THE BAST FIBERS - Spinning and Finishing
  6. Learn to Spin on a Hand Spindle
  8. Spinning Cotton on the Charka, Ahka and the Tahkli
  9. Spinning Multicolored Rovings
  10. Dye Basics - Dye a Color Wheel
  11. Space Dyeing Protein Fibers
  12. Hand Painted Protein Fibers
  13. Dyeing Cellulose Fibers - Cotton and Flax/Linen
  14. Hand Painting Cotton Warps
  15. Shibori Dyeing Techniques on Silk Scarves
  16. Fabulous "Light as a Feather" Felted Scarves
  17. Lace Felted Scarves
  18. Nuno Felted Scarves
  19. Felted Silk Lap Scarf
  20. Basic Wet Felting
  21. Making Felted Soap and Felted Balls
  22. Fiber Processing - Raw Fleece to Yarn
  23. Handcarding, Combing, and Using a Blending Board
  24. 4 Harness Weaving for Beginners
  25. Double Width, Double Layer on the Rigid Heddle Loom
  26. Card Weaving
  27. Inkle Loom Weaving Basics
  28. Inkle Loom Weaving PickUp
  29. Weaving on Cardboard Looms
  30. TriLoom Weaving
  31. Learn How to Knit - Beginners
  32. Knitting Lace
  33. Fair Isle Knitting
  34. Knitting with Cables
  35. The Sock Workshop - Learn How to Knit Socks
  36. Cold Process Soap Making
  37. Silk Fusion
  38. Crafting with Raffia
  39. FIMO, Buttons, Beads and MORE...
  40. Knitting with Beads (a FREE class!)