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Farm Friends

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We like to take video shorts here at the farm.  They are in .wmv format and play in windows media player.
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movie camera
Bode is our "Wookie Boy".  He is always a love and a lap dog, ready to give kisses at a moment's notice.  His other nickname is Mr. Kissy.  Since we think his unique brand of slurpiness is OH so very unique, we would not want anyone to miss out on his wet smoochies... 
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bode kiss video
hop on goat videoWe have the most wonderful "kids" in the world!  They never cease to amaze us with their endless charm.  Each year brings dozens of bouncing bundles of joy, who love nothing better than to interact with us and make us smile.  This video shows how guests at the farm get to spend their time!
alf goat kids 2004A short video showing just a few of our beautiful colored Angora babies from 2004.