Fiber Shop  ~ Working Farm

Spinning I - Beginner

This class is designed for the beginning student who wishes to learn the basics of spinning techniques.  The workshop is comprised of three separate sessions of instruction.  Classes usually run about 2 - 3 hours each, and includes 8 ounces of spinning fiber (carded wool slyver).  You will also learn a lot about textiles and making good fiber/design choices for your end projects.

This class is taught one on one, and is scheduled privately.

Things to bring:  notebook and pen or pencil.  If you have a wheel, please bring it.  If not, I have shop wheels that you can use.

COST - $120.00 plus a supply fee of $8.00 for spinning fibers

CLASS 1 (the first session may last several hours)

The nature of fibers, draft and twist
Spinning terminology
Spinning with a hooked stick, drop spindle
Parts of the spinning wheel and basic mechanics
Wheel treadling
Changing bobbins, tying on a leader, adjusting tension


Evaluating spindle spun yarns
Consistent treadling
WHEEL ERGONOMICS - finding your comfort zone
Basic spinning, joining on!
Drafting triangle, twist, fingered draw
Making joins
Problems you might encounter
Yarn construction, S & Z twist
Woolen, Worsted
Proper tensioning
Oiling the wheel


Evaluate wheel spun yarn
Fine tuning draft and twist
Plied yarns
Balanced yarns
Yarn Construction, Single vs. Plied
The niddy-noddy, tying a skein
Washing, setting the twist, yarn blocking
Measuring yardage, niddy-noddy, Mcmorran Yarn Balance
Methods of developing consistency
Wheel mechanics:  single-drive flyer-lead Scotch tension, single-drive bobbin-lead Irish tension,
                                 double drive wheels and spindle or quill wheels
Proper wheel maintenance