Fiber Shop  ~ Working Farm

Spinning II - Intermediate

This class is designed to concentrate on spinning techniques and spinning draws to maximize the potential of your fibers and end products. 

Skills you will need to bring to the class:
1.  Be able to spin a somewhat consistent medium and smaller ply effortlessly, with adequate twist, making consistent joins as needed.  Treadling and spinning should be consistent.
2.  Know the basics of at least 2 ply plying.
3.  Be comfortable changing your bobbins, tying on a leader and tensioning your wheel.

Supplies you will need to bring:
Spinning wheel, your slowest whorl and your medium speed whorl, a lazy kate (preferably a horizontal tensioned lazy kate), hand cards, flicker, ball winder, niddy noddy (a small sample size is best), 6 - 8 ounces of wool roving, and 4 ounces of washed locks.  Bring at least a dozen note cards, and notebook and pen or pencil. 

This is a FULL DAY of spinning!

COST:  $60.00


I.  Make your wheel work for you
     A.  Understanding whorl ratios
     B.  Understanding wheel tensioning
     C.  Proper wheel maintenance
II.  Prepare your fibers
     A.  Woolen or Worsted?
     B.  Pre-drafting
III.  Understanding different spinning techniques
     A.  The fingered draft or "inch-worm" method
     B.  The point of twist draw, short and long
     C.  The true long draw or double draw
     D.  Spinning over your finger, or from the fold
IV.  Spinning a consistent yarn
     A.  Making and applying control yarns
     B.  Making sample cards
     C.  Spinning thin yarns
     D.  Spinning thick yarns
     E.  Spinning slub yarns
     F.  An experiment in twist
V.  Plying
     A.  S & Z twist review
     B.  Balanced yarns
     C.  Plying from 2 bobbins, tensioning
     D.  2 ply yarn from one bobbin
     E.  Navajo plying - 3 ply yarn from one bobbin
     F.  Making cabled yarns
     G.  Measing TPI, twist per inch
     F.  Wet finishing