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Weaving on Cardboard Looms

Anyone who does crochet, knit or any other yarn-consuming art, will always have a nice "stash" of leftover odds and ends of yarns.  Making these little cardboard looms and weaving with them are a great way to put those colorful remnants to work and make something creative and useful.  Once you learn how to make the cardboard loom, you can even design larger pouches and bags.

NO previous weaving experience needed!

Supplies to bring to class:
-yarn, odds and ends in varied colors and textures
-sheet of stiff cardboard, not the corrugated kind, the type that is at the back of a writing pad
-utility knife
-metal ruler
-cutting pad
-pen or pencil
-pair of kitchen shears, or heavy scissors
-small scissors
-blunt tapestry needle, or sacking needle

-weaving fork, even a heavy duty plastic fork will work just fine
-crochet hook, size E or smaller
-OPTIONAL:  beads, ribbons, feathers....

weave bag

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This is a FULL DAY class

COST - $45.00

We will make a loom that is exactly 3 1/4 inches wide by 3 3/4 inches high.

I.  Making the loom
  a.  Determining the size
  b.  Cutting the "warping pegs
 II.  Warping the loom
III.  Weaving
   a.  Laying in the first pick
   b.  Changing sheds
   c.  Changing colors, adding new yarns
   d.  Pick and Pick
   e.  Weaving the top
   f.  Finishing
   g.  Top finishes
   h.  Fringe