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Cold Process Soap Making


-If you want just a nice recipe and a quick demo on how to make soap, then this class is NOT for you! -

This class teaches the basics of making cold processed soap.  You will learn a bit about the chemistry of soap, how to properly formulate your soap recipes based on SAP values and lye coefficients, how to make educated selections for base oils and fats, and a solid procedure for making and curing your soap for a quality product. 

Things to bring:  a pair of safety glasses, a pair of chemical proof rubber gloves, an apron, a calculator, notebook and pencil.

COST:  $60.00

felted soapcold process soap making
soap making classsoap making class


I.                     WHAT IS SOAP?

II.                   WHAT MAKES QUALITY SOAP

III.                  THE CHEMISTRY

A.     Soap chemistry

B.     Understanding SAP values and how to use them

C.    Specific Gravity – weight not volume and why

D.    Selecting fats and oils

E.     Selecting scents – EO vs FO

F.     Making formulations from scratch

G.    Ingredients

a.      more on aromatherapy

b.      additives

c.      super-fatting

d.      milk bases

IV.               SAFETY, SAFETY and did I mention SAFETY!

V.                 A BASIC SOAP

A.     Recipe

B.     Procedure

C.    Tracing in depth

D.    Additives and when

E.     Pouring - Molds

F.     Melt down! - Insulating

G.    Cutting

H.     PROPER curing – good things are worth waiting for!

VI.               A MILK BASED SOAP

A.     Special handling

VII.              FINISHING

A.     Ideas

B.     Packaging

C.    Decorating