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Shibori Techniques on Silk Scarves

   Shibori is a Japanese technique that includes a variety of methods for shaping cloth and securing it before dyeing.  The word comes from the verb root shiboru, “to wring, squeeze, press”.  The dye results achieved are from the resist methods that are used to create the formed cloth.  The special characteristic of shibori resist is a soft or blurry edged pattern.  It is quite different from the sharp edged resist you achieve with stencil, paste and wax.  An element of the Unexpected is always present!  Common techniques are binding, stitching, folding and pole wrapping.

In this class you will learn how to make a simple shibori dyed silk scarf, using a twist technique that is easy, FAST, and with always beautiful results!  You will also see how to make some variations.  A beautiful gift, and one that you will make over and over again.  You will be able to adapt this technique to other fibers as well.

Things to bring: 

Notebook, pen or pencil, rubber or latex gloves (the thin kind, just to protect your hand from the dye), a thick medium sized towel, 3 or 4 one inch sponge brushes.

Wear old clothes and an apron if you wish.  Wear shoes with good rubber soles, as we sometimes get water and/or soap on the floor!

Cost:  This is a half day class - $37.00 plus the cost of your silk scarf or scarves and a $7.00 dye fee (there are several sizes to choose from, and you might want to do more than one!)

I.  Overview of Shibori

II.  Intro to Silk, silk types, and silk production

III.  Dyes, dye types, mixing dyes, dye stock solutions (dss), depth of shade (dos)

IV.  Presoak, and prepare

V.  Technique

VI.  Steam setting for dye and patterning

VII.  Wet Finishing

VIII.  Care of Silk

IX.  Expand the Technique!  Get creative!