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Spinning Multicolored Rovings

Multicolor rovings are exciting to spin!  Colors draft and blend in beautiful ways.  There are several different techniques to spin these colorful preparations to make very different yarns.  In this class we will focus on these techniques.

Things to bring: 
notebook and pen or pencil
index cards
spinning wheel, 3 bobbins, lazy kate, pulleys appropriate for both your chunky and laceweight plies, small niddy noddy
6 - 8 ounces of a multicolored roving, or 3 to 4oz. each of two different colored rovings
wool hand cards

COST -  $45.00

This is a 1/2 day class

Class Syllabus

I.                Good vs Bad Dyed Rovings
     A.  Overview of types of multicolored rovings/preparations

II.              Ways to Maximize the Color
                    a.     Dyeing techniques
                    b.     Spinning across the top
                    c.     Working with color splits to Maximize
                    d.     Working with marls
                    e.     Barberpoles and fractal spinning
                    f.      To rewind or not to rewind, spread the love
                    g.     The Neutral Ground
                    h.     Strip and recard
                    i.      Navajo Plying

III.            Ways to Minimize the Color
                    a.     Dyeing techniques
                    b.     Layered or combed color rovings
                    c.     Working with color splits to Minimize
                    d.      Neutral Ground and Barberpoles
                    e.      Cabling calms