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TriLoom Weaving

Learn how to weave using a triloom.  No shuttles to wind, heddles to thread or loom to warp.  Design and GO!  You will warp and weft at the same time.  Triangles can be made in any size, depending on your loom size and can be put together in any configuration you can imagine for a huge variety of garments, accessories, and home items.

Supplies to bring to class:
small scissors
large darning needle
notebook or paper, pen or pencil
graph paper - a handy size graph paper can be downloaded by clicking <HERE>

colored pencils
measuring tape
one variegated ball of wool
two balls of solid color wool with high contrast
(please bring worsted weight 100% wool - no superwash)

This is a 3-4 hour class.
Maximum Class size:  7

COST - $45.00

Class Syllabus

I.   Yarns and tools
      A.  Yarn/Fiber choices
      B.  Handy tools to have
      C.  Color and texture
II.   Plain weave
      A.   The basic process
      B.   Tension
      C.   Correcting mistakes
      D.   Making color changes
IV.  Top edgings/finishings
      A.    Simple loop
      B.    Decorative edge
      C.    Fringing or not
V.  About other structures:  Leno, Twill, Basketweave (A brief introduction to these structures, as this is another whole class, and one that requires that the students already know how to setup and weave a basic tri-piece)
VI.   Unique designing for the Triloom
VII.  Estimating yardages
VIII.  Proper wet finishing, fulling and "napping"